Be Safe on the Water

There are many simple things you can do to stay safe while paddling. Start by putting your name and contact information in or on your boat in a way that easily can be seen. This will aid in tracking down a boat that has gone missing, on or off the water. Carry waterproof ID with emergency contact information that can ride along with you in your pocket or in your boat.

Follow these safety precautions when paddling on the canals.







Make a Float Plan

A float plan will help to ensure your safety should something unexpected arise during your trip. Leave the information with a reliable person who will notify the authorities if you do not return as scheduled. If you are delayed and it is not an emergency, inform the person with your float plan to avoid an unnecessary search. Let the person know when you arrive home.

Include the following in your plan:

  • Departure time and expected return time
  • Names and phone numbers of all persons on the trip
  • Trip route, with direction and destination(s)
  • Boat description
  • Description of your vehicle, plate number, and where it will be parked
  • List of emergency safety equipment on board (flares, VHF radio)

Some areas of the canals have poor, or no, cellular signal reception. This could affect access to 911 emergency services or other communication needs. Most canal facilities and other private businesses do have landlines should you find limited cellular service during your journey.