Photo Contest and Calendar


Give us your best shot!

The annual Erie Canalway Photo Contest captures the beauty, history, people, and character of the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor.

Judges select first, second, and third place winning images in the contest categories below, as well as 12 honorable mentions. Winning images are featured in our annual calendar.

Deadline for Entries: August 31, 2017
On the WaterOn-water activities and scenes, e.g., boating, paddling, fishing, tugs & barges, historic vessels, on-water events and festivals.
Along the TrailCyclists, walkers, strollers, and activities or scenes along the Erie Canalway Trail.
Canal CommunitiesHistoric downtowns, distinctive architecture, farmers markets, events, and scenes taken in canal communities.
Classic CanalWhen you see it, you know it—photos that could be taken only here; photos of engineering marvels, canal structures, nature, or other scenes that show the distinctive sense of place of the Erie Canalway.
A Note about Enhancing Your Images

While you may crop or perform color correction on your images, the judging team discourages over-amplifying the color. We are looking for images that reflect the scene as it appeared in reality. You may use HDR camera settings, but again, please avoid over enhancing the image. The decision about whether an image is over enhanced is entirely up to the contest judges.


Check out our gallery to see this year's winning photos.

Winning Tips

  • Look for scenes that say "Erie Canalway" and views that could be taken only here.
  • Consider new vantage points for familiar scenes.
  • Include activity when possible. People on the trail, boats in the water, strollers in town help to enliven the scene.

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