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Become a Volunteer Steward!

Are you a paddler? Do you love trails? Care about your community?

Become a Water Trail Steward and join this impressive effort to take care of all 450 miles of the NYS Canalway Water Trail. Together, we can ensure the Erie, Cayuga-Seneca, Champlain, and Oswego canals are beautiful for all to enjoy.

New steward applications being accepted until July 1 for the 2024 season. Although many sections are adopted, many of our stewards would welcome others to join them. See below for details on each section.


Individuals, families, community groups, and organizations. Volunteers must be at least 12 years old (with adult supervision).


Adopt a section of approximately 10 miles to perform light maintenance, report issues, and be a friendly ambassador.


We ask you to contribute 4-6 hours and visit your section at least 2x/month from May 1 - October 31. You decide your schedule.

Stewardship Responsibilities


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NOTE: An online orientation is provided and required before getting started. Volunteers receive apparel, swag, and a supply kit, but must use their own tools. Registered volunteers are accorded insurance protection as provided by law and liability insurance coverage, provided they are acting within the scope of the NYS Canalway Water Trail Stewardship Program.


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How to Get Started

1. Select the section you would like to adopt
2. Complete the Signup Form below
3. Attend an online volunteer orientation

Stewardship Sections

Review the sections below, listed west to east and also located on the map at the top of the page. Although many sections are adopted, many of our stewards would welcome others to join them. When you sign up, fill in the Section Number of the section you want to adopt. We can help you select a section, if needed, or answer questions you may have prior to choosing one.

Erie Canal: Buffalo to Rochester

Section NumberAvailable to AdoptSegmentLaunch Sites# MilesStart Mile & LandmarkEnd Mile & LandmarkHigh Traffic Area
1ADOPTED by The LTs and Terry NuerembergerTonawanda, North Tonawanda5 Launches: Tonawanda Harbor/Gateway Harbor Park, Niagara Street Kayak Launch, Service Drive Boat Ramp, Botanical Gardens, West Canal Park7338.6 Erie Canal entrance at Niagara River, Tonawanda 331.6 up to Amherst Veterans Canal ParkYES
2ADOPTED by The LTsAmherst to Lockport2 Launches: Amherst Veterans Canal Park, Ransom Creek Launch10.6331.7 Amherst Veterans Canal Park321.1 up to Lockport Upper TerminalNO
3ADOPTED by Karen Reamer Lockport to Gasport3 Launches: Lockport Upper Terminal Launch. Locks 34-35 & Widewaters Marina/Goehle Park Marina, Gasport ramp8321.2 Lockport Upper Terminal Launch313.2 Gasport ramp at Bolton Rd.YES
4ADOPTED by Jeremy Kocsis Gasport to Medina3 Launches: Gasport ramp, Middleport Guard Gate Boat Ramp, Canal Port Marina*, Bates Boat Ramp10.5313.2 Gasport ramp at Bolton Rd.302.7 includes Bates Road Ramp, MedinaNO
5ADOPTED by Martin LaMay and Jeremy Kocsis Medina to Albion1 Launch: Albion Boat Launch8.5302.6 Guard Gate 15, Medina294.1 includes Albion Boat LaunchNO
6ADOPTED by Jeremy Kocsis
Albion to San Souci Canal Park2 Launches: Holley Canal Park, San Souci Canal Park11.9294 after Albion Boat Launch282.1 includes San Souci Canal Park, Town of MurrayYES
7ADOPTED by Sikorski Family and Team Beer and BonbonsBrockport to Spencerport2 Launches : Brockport Welcome Center/Harvester Park, Spencerport Docks10.7282 after San Souci Canal Park271.3 Spencerport Village Docks (at Gazebo)YES
8ADOPTED by Kathleen FarrellSpencerport to Genesee River2 Launches: Heritage Park, [Greece Canal Park], Henpeck Park10.8271.2 after Spencerport Village Docks (at Gazebo)260.4 includes Genesee Waterways Center, RochesterYES

Erie Canal: Rochester to Syracuse

Section Number Available to Adopt Segment # Launches # Miles Starting Mile & Landmark Ending Mile & Landmark High Traffic Area
9 ADOPTED by Gary DiGiovanni, Julie Glynn, Margaret Gordon, Jennifer Loviglio, Ina Sham, Steve Warfle Jane Weerasinghe
Genesee River to Bushnell's Basin 5 Launches: [Citygate], Brighton Reserve Launch, [Lock 33], Lock 32 State Canal Park, DEC Pittsford Boat Ramp, Port of Pittsford, Great Embankment Park, Bushnell's Basin Docks 9.3 259.9 East Guard Lock 250.6 includes Bushnell's Basin Docks Yes
10 ADOPTED by Peter Schuch, Anne DeWitte, and Carol and Tim Thomas Bushnell's Basin to Macedon 4 Launches: Kreag Road Park, Ayrault Road Launch, Perinton Park, Fairport Canal Harbor 11.5 250.5 after Bushnell's Basin Docks 239 before Lock E30 Macedon Yes
11 ADOPTED by Jean Bendix and Kevin Delehanty-- please join them as co-stewards!
Macedon to Newark 6 Launches: Lock E30, Macedon, Enlarged Erie Lock 60, Lock E29, Pal-Mac Aqueduct County Park, Port of Palmyra, Palmyra Boat Launch, Widewaters Canal Park 10.2 239.02 Lock E30 Macedon 228.8 includes Widewaters Canal Park, Newark Yes
12 ADOPTED by Two Gals on the Canal Newark to Lyons 4 Launches: Port of Newark/T. Spencer Knight Park, [Lock E28B], [Lock E28A], Abbey Park, [Lock E27], Lyons Southside Canal Park, Lyons Dock
7.2 228 after Widewaters Canal Park, Newark 220.8 includes Lyons Southside Canal Park/Lyons Dock Yes
13 ADOPTED by Lynda Stanistreet Lyons to Seneca County Line 3 Launches: Lauraville Landing (Clyde), Lock E26 Hand-launch, Armitage Road (informal launch) 14.4 220 CSX Railroad Bridge 205.6 Armitage Road (northern edge of Montezuma NWR) No
14 ADOPTED by Rosemary & Matthew Thomas
Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge 4 Launches: Lock E25 Mays Point - upper & lower, Richmond Aqueduct (informal pull-out), Howland Island WMA (landing), Town of Mentz Boat Ramp 11.7 205.5 after Armitage / County Line Road (informal launch) 193.8 includes Town of Mentz Boat Launch No
15 ADOPTED by Jeff and Toni Coulter Seneca River, Towns of Mentz & Brutus 1 Launch: DEC Seneca River-Port Byron boat launch, Brutus/DEC Seneca River Fishing Access 9 193.7 after Mentz Boat Launch 184.7 up to Cross Lake No
16 ADOPTED by Tony Lawton Baldwinsville to Three Rivers 5 Launches: Mercer Memorial Park, Baldwinsville Community Park (Lions Park), DEC Seneca River Boat Ramp, Onondaga Lake Outlet & Onondaga Lake Park, Willow Bay 12.3 172.7 Mercer Memorial Park 160.45 Three Rivers Junction Yes
17 ADOPTED by Noreen Smith and Heidi Alford Three Rivers to Oneida Lake 4 Launches: Three Rivers Point Park, Clay Boat Ramp, [Lock E23 Brewerton], Brewerton Lighthouse Car Top, Brewerton dock wall 9.9 160.5 Three Rivers Point Park 150.6 Brewerton Dockwall Yes
18 ADOPTED by Callaghan Dennison, Jacqueline Dutmers, Shawna O'Neil, and Brian Sylvan Beach 3 Launches: Verona Beach Car Top Launch, Sylvan Beach hand-launch, [Lock E22], [Lock E21] 6.1 129.5 Sylvan Beach Breakwater 123.4 includes Lock E21 Yes

Erie Canal: Syracuse to Little Falls

Section Number Available to Adopt Segment Launch Sites # Miles Starting Mile & Landmark Ending Mile & LandmarkHigh Traffic Area
19 ADOPTED by Kerry Andrews Rome to Marcy 4 Launches: Rome Muck Road Launch, Bellamy Harbor Park, Rome Navigation Center, Lock E20 (high side) 11 116.3Rome/ Muck Road Launch 105.3 includes Lock E20, Marcy No
20 ADOPTED by Edgardo & Peggy Basubas Lock E20 to Frankfort 3 Launches: Lock E20 Whitesboro, Utica Marsh Wildlife Area Boat Ramp, [Utica Historic Marina], Frankfort Harbor Marina 12.6 105.2 after Lock E20 92.6 includes Frankfort Harbor MarinaNo
21 ADOPTED Robin Lyons Lopez Frankfort to Lock E18, German Flatts 6 Launches: Ilion Marina, Fulmer Creek Access, Gems Along the Mohawk, Fort Herkimer Church (informal landing), Plantation Island WMA (informal landing), Lock E18 (upper) 9.3 92.5 after Frankfort Harbor Marina 83.2 Lock E18, German FlattsNo

Erie Canal: Little Falls to Albany

Section Number Available to Adopt Segment Launch Sites # Miles Starting Mile & Landmark Ending Mile & Landmark High Traffic Area
22 ADOPTED by Bruce Schwabach and Tom Stock
German Flatts to St Johnsville 5 Launches: Little Falls Launch, Little Falls Canal Harbor & Rotary Park, [Lock E17], [Herkimer Home SHS] 11.94 83.3 after Lock E18 71.36 Lock E16, St. Johnsville Yes
23 ADOPTED by Nino Polidori St Johnsville to Canajoharie 6 Launches: [Lock E16], St. Johnsville Municipal Marina, Enlarged Erie Lock 33, Lock E15, Nelliston Boat Ramp, [Lock E14], Canajoharie Boat Ramp, Canajoharie Riverfront Park 10.4 71 Lock E16, St. Johnsville 60.6 includes Canajoharie Riverfront Park Yes
24 YES Canajoharie to Fultonville 3 Launches: Canajoharie Ramp, [Lock E13], Fonda Ramp (under development), Fultonville Dock 12.6 60.6 Canajoharie Riverfornt Park 48 Fultonville Dock No
25 ADOPTED by Joyel Richardson Fultonville to Amsterdam 3 Launches: Fultonville Dock, Schoharie Crossing Boat Ramp, [Lock E12], Yankee Hill Lock, [Lock E11], Port Jackson ramp 9.3 47.8 after Fultonville Dock 38.5 includes Port Jackson / Southside launch, Amsterdam Yes
26 ADOPTED by Brown-Ziomek Family Amsterdam to Rotterdam Junction 5 Launches: Lock E10, Town of Florida Ramp, Lock E9 Rotterdam Junction (upper) 9.3 38.4 Amsterdam Riverlink Park 29.1 Lock E9, Rotterdam Junction (upper) Yes
27 ADOPTED by Sue & Mike Strangia & Northern NY Paddlers Lock E9, Rotterdam Junction to Freeman's Bridge, Schenectady 6 Launches: Mabee Farm Historic Site, Rotterdam Kiwanis Park, Maalwyck Park, Lock E8 Scotia, Scotia Village Docks/Freedom Park, Gateway Landing/Rotary Park 9 29.1 Lock E9, Rotterdam Junction 20.1 includes Freeman's Bridge ramp Yes
28 ADOPTED by Current Cleaners Freeman's Bridge, Schenectady to Lock E7, Niskayuna 2 Launches: Mohawk Harbor Marina, Aqueduct Park, Lock E7 Boat Ramp, [Lock E7] 7 20.1 Water's Edge Lighthouse 13.1 includes Lock E7 Vischer Ferry Yes
29 YES Lock E7 to Waterford Flight (North side) 6 Launches: Mohawk Landing Nature Preserve, Vischer Ferry Car Top Launch, Vandenburgh Dunsbach Ferry Launch, Halfmoon-Crescent Park, Crescent Terminal, Alcathy's Boat Launch 9.95 12.95 after Lock E7 Vischer Ferry 3 Alcathy's Boat Launch, Waterford Yes
30 ADOPTED by Sue Castillo Lock E7 to Waterford Flight (South side) 3 Launches: Lions Park, Mohawk Riverside Landing, Freddie's Park 8 12.95 after Lock E7 Vischer Ferry 4.5 Freddie's Park Yes
31 ADOPTED by Dave Truland Waterford 5 Launches: Schaghticoke Launch, Waterford Harbor, Waterford Point Boat Ramp, Peebles Island State Park, Lansingburgh Boat Ramp 3 3 Alcathy's, launch, Waterford 0 Peebles Island & Branches *Not a linear section Yes

Champlain Canal

Section Number Available to Adopt Segment Launches # Miles Starting Mile & Landmark Ending Mile & Landmark High Traffic Area
32 ADOPTED BY John Sheehy

Please join him as a co-steward
Whitehall to Fort Ann 4 Launches: Lock C12 Whitehall, Skenesborough Waterfront Park, Lock C11, Comstock Boat Ramp, Fort Ann Landing 11.3 60.7 Lock C12 Whitehall 49.4 includes Fort Ann Landing No
33 ADOPTED by Alice and Tom Woods
Fort Ann to Fort Edward 1 Launch: Lock C9 Kayak Launch, [Lock C9 Smith's Basin], [Lock C8 Fort Edward] 12.1 49.5 after Fort Ann Landing 37.4 before Fort Edward Dock Yes
34 ADOPTED by Feeder Canal Alliance Glens Falls Feeder Canal: Queensbury to Hudson Falls 3 Launches: Feeder Canal Park/Feeder Dam, Dock at Shermantown Rd, Martindale Boat Basin 5 Feeder Canal Park, Queensbury Martindale Boat Basin, Hudson Falls No
35 ADOPTED by Mark Wells Fort Edward to Lock C5 Schuylerville 5 Launches: Fort Edward Dock, [Lock C7], Bradley Beach/Rogers Island, Moreau Boat Ramp, Route 4 Rest Stop Kayak Launch, [Lock C6], Northumberland Kayak Launch at C5. 11.1 37.4 Fort Edward Dock 26.3 Lock C5 (Northumberland launch) No
36 ADOPTED by Mark Wells and Jan Wolski Lock C5 to Stillwater Hudson Riverfront Park 5 Launches: Alfred Solomon Launch, Schuylerville Boat Ramp, Fort Hardy Park, Saratoga Boat Ramp, Stillwater Hudson Riverfront Park 9.1 26.3 Lock C5 - Soloman Launch 17.2 Stillwater Hudson River Park Yes
37 ADOPTED by Mark Wells Stillwater Hudson Riverfront Park to Mechanicville 1 Launch: Mechanicville Terminal 8 17 after Stillwater Hudson River Park 9.3 includes Mechanicville Terminal No
38 ADOPTED by Mark Wells and David Truland Mechanicville to Waterford 2 Launches: [Lock C2], Lighthouse Park, Lock C1 Boat Ramp
9 9.25 after Mechanicville Terminal 0.3 confluence of Erie/Mohawk & Champlain/Hudson Yes

Cayuga-Seneca Canal

Section Number Available to Adopt Segment Launch Areas # Miles Starting Mile & Landmark Ending Mile & Landmark High Traffic Area
39 ADOPTED by Robert Hess Seneca Lake to Seneca Falls 3 Launches: Seneca Lake State Park Launch, Oak Island Park, Seneca Falls Boat Ramp 8.1 17.1 Seneca Lake State Park 9 Seneca Falls Boat Ramp Yes
40 ADOPTED by Hadi Soetrisno and Teresa Gable

Seneca Falls to Erie Canal 5 Launches: Seneca Falls Canal Harbor (north & south sides), Lock CS2-3 Upper Launch, Lock CS-1 (Mud Lock) Ramp, Montezuma Boat Ramp, [Montezuma NWR dock] 8.1 9 Seneca Falls Boat Ramp 0 Kipp Island/Erie Canal Yes

Oswego Canal

Section Number Available to Adopt Segment Launch Areas # Miles Starting Mile & Landmark Ending Mile & Landmark High Traffic Area


ADOPTED by Alex Alois and Carol & David Webb Three Rivers to Fulton 4 Launches: Three Rivers Point Park, [Henley Park], Lock Island Park, Stop 28 Boat Ramp, Canal Landing Municipal Marina 12.9 0 Three Rivers Point 12.8 up to Indian Point Landing Yes
42 YES Fulton to Oswego 3 Launches: Indian Point Landing - Fulton, Riverview Park-Minetto, [launch above O6 under development], Lock O8 Ramp. 10 12.9 Indian Point Landing 22.9 Lock O8 ramp Yes

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The Stewardship Program is made possible with funding support from the New York State Canal Corporation, which operates the NYS Canal System.