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Choose from 15 Peloton-style videos filmed on the Erie Canalway Trail and Onondaga Creekwalk in Syracuse. Complete your 1st Mile or achieve all 15.

Brought to you in partnership with the Fitness Inclusion Network at SUNY Upstate's Golisano Center for Special Needs and the Spina Bifida Center of CNY.


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Let's go...

You supply your favorite music, we supply the miles. Make the videos part of your home exercise program or use them to check out the trail before visiting in person.

MILE 1: Old Erie Canal State Park, Kirkville

Head west on the trail, which runs alongside the original dug channel of the Erie Canal opened in 1825.

MILE 2: Old Erie Canal State Park, Kirkville

This section will give you a first-hand sense of the scale and character of the ditch that opened the American continent.

MILE 3: Old Erie Canal State Park, Minoa

Mules once walked the path you are on. They hauled canal boats filled with goods and people. A typical shift was six hours on, six hours off.

MILE 4: Old Erie Canal State Park, Cedar Bay

Head west toward DeWitt on this scenic stretch of trail. This is a popular section, so watch for walkers, cyclists, dog walkers, and strollers.

MILE 5: Creekwalk in Kirk Park

Follow the paved path on this unique pedestrian and bike friendly trail to explore the city's architecture and neighborhoods.

MILE 6: Creekwalk in Syracuse

Enjoy this stretch along the Onondaga Creek to the Syracuse Inner Harbor. The trail surface is varied and includes paved and brick sections.

MILE 7: Syracuse

This stretch of trail varies from scenic to urban. There's a major road crossing at the 1/2-mile point and a hill climb at the end with a big payoff.

MILE 8: Onondaga Lake in Syracuse

Follow the shoreline on paved trail to the Onondaga Lake Boat Launch. You'll find an accessible picnic area and fishing and viewing platform here.

MILE 9: Onondaga Lake in Syracuse

When passing someone on the trail, it's good etiquette to call out "On your left!" You can practice virtually just for fun.

MILE 10: Onondaga Lake in Syracuse

The West Shore Trail along the lake takes you past the Amphitheater at Lakeview as you head north toward Long Branch Park.

MILE 11: Onondaga Lake in Syracuse

Leave the highway behind and follow the lake through this lush section of trail.

MILE 12: Onondaga Lake in Syracuse

Enjoy Onondaga Lake Park in the fall. The trail surface is paved and easy going the whole way.

MILE 13: Camillus near Warners Road

Get out in nature on this scenic stretch of the Erie Canalway Trail. The surface is paved and stonedust and includes a downhill grade at the end.

MILE 14: Camillus Erie Canal Park

Travel next to the Old Erie Canal and go over the Nine Mile Creek aqueduct as you make your way through this popular park created by volunteers.

MILE 15: Camillus Erie Canal Park

Follow the path where mules once trod and end at a replica canal side store circa 1856. Boat rides are available in summer so check it out in person.