How do I log in to record miles?

Rather than have a password to log in, everyone in the Challenge has a unique "log in link." Save yours on your phone, in your email, or on your computer so you can find it easily. If you can't find your link, go to LOG IN and click on RESEND MY LINK. Enter your email and your log in link will be sent to you right away.

Can I count mileage I’ve already completed on the trail/waterway toward my Canalway Challenge goal?

Yes. But keep in mind that the Canalway Challenge is about fitness and fun. We encourage you to keep moving and build on the mileage you've completed to date. Choose a goal that's challenging, but within reach!

Can I mix and match cycling, paddling, and running to complete my miles?


Can I do the same stretch of trail or water over and over to reach my goal?

Yes. The Canalway Challenge is all about fitness, so if doing the same mile over and over helps you get moving, do it! However, the challenge is also about discovering all there is to see and do along the canals. Add some adventure to your miles by trying new places or regions.

If I’m doing 90 miles or 180 miles, do I have to do them all within a region?

No. You can explore various regions to complete your miles. However, if you eventually want to build up to achieve 360 End-to-Ender status, then you must complete all four Erie Canal regions.

Do I have to complete each region to qualify for 360 End-to-Ender?

Yes. Becoming an End-to-Ender means completing each region. You don't have to do it all in one go. It's fine to do smaller segments to build your End-to-End mileage.

How much time do I have to complete my challenge?

What kind of proof do I have to provide when I’ve reached my mileage goal?

The Canalway Challenge relies on the honor system. When you finish your final miles, take a photo of your finish. Upload the photo to your finish line and tell us which mileage goal you've reached (1st Mile, 15, 90, 180, 360). You'll be able to download your certificate and we'll send you a decal to display your achievement. This feature will become active with your registration.

We encourage you to complete your challenge by the end of October to be counted with finishers for the year. If you can't finish by then, just keep going. We'll send your finisher packet whenever you complete your challenge. You can carry your miles over to next year if needed. If you are working your way toward 360, carry over your miles from one year to the next to rack up the regions needed to get from Buffalo to Albany.

Can I do the Canalway Challenge with others in my organization/work place?

Yes! Choose a leader for your organization to sign up first. This person will receive a "join code" to distribute to others in the organization. Each person will then join using this code and choose their own mileage goal. Members of the organization will be able to see who is participating, the total miles pledged, and the percent complete.

Can I register multiple family or group members? (e.g., scouts, students)

Yes. The Canalway Challenge is great for families and youth groups where all participants have the same mileage goal. The group leader should sign up as a TEAM and choose the group's mileage goal (e.g., choose 15 miles if all members are doing 15). When the group completes it's mileage, the leader will be able to request recognition packets for each member of the group.

Are there places on the canal where I can rent a kayak or canoe?

You bet! You can find rentals here.

I’m just getting started and not familiar with the canal. Are there Canalway Challenge group events or meet ups that I can tap into?

Check the "Ideas for Logging Miles" tab to find events and join our Canalway Challenge Facebook Group to ask questions about places to go.