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School Registration Form

Registration is easy! Complete the following form and hit the "Submit" button. If you have an invoice for busing, you can attach it with your form.

IMPORTANT: Tour dates MUST be confirmed with sites prior to application to Erie Canalway (ECNHC) for subsidy support. This registration form must be on file with ECNHC prior to the tour experience to ensure eligibility.

School and Bus Information:

*NOTE: A check in the amount of the bus fee will be forwarded to the school address upon receipt of this registration form. If you wish the payment to be sent somewhere other than the school, please include an invoice with your registration.

Site Information**:

** Only those listed on page 3 of the Program Guidelines are eligible to provide tours.


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Patrick Stenshorn, Education Program Manager

Phone: 518-237-7000, ext. 220
Fax: 518-237-7640

Erie Canalway Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor
PO Box 219, Waterford, NY 12188

*See page 5 of the Program Guidelines for information on match.