What You Can Do


Be part of the team!

There are many ways to get involved and make an impact. Many hands working together help to ensure that the unique local, state, and national assets of the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor are enjoyed and protected for everyone.

Volunteer. Get involved locally. Nearly every canal-related historic site and visitor center relies on volunteers. Become a canal greeter, a trail ambassador, docent, event volunteer, or educator. Or participate in the annual Canal Clean Sweep in April to spiff up the canal near you for the season.

Stay in touch. Sign up for our e-newsletter. Like us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (@ErieCanalway). We'll keep you posted about volunteer opportunities, as well as news about what's happening in the National Heritage Corridor.

Explore & Learn. Visit a section of the canal you’ve never seen for your next boating, biking, fishing, or vacation adventure. Or visit a national or state historic site or museum to learn more about canal history. The more you see, the better you'll be able to advocate for canal-related resources.

Enjoy. Celebrate our heritage at festivals and events taking place along the canal this year.

Clean up! Litter and trash dumping spoil the natural beauty and health of the canal, and make it less attractive to visitors. Be sure to use recycling and trash receptacles when visiting the Canalway Corridor.

Be vocal. Participate in public planning forums in your community to advocate for Canalway Corridor protection and enhancements.